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Firstly If You Want To Work With Me You MUST Accept Me For Who I Am. Ain't Nothing Professional Over Here , Skilled Yes! Very! But I Work For Me And Me Have No Rules.

My Name Is Jackie , Im A Freelance Photographer & Graphic Designer ,Producer . .Artist , Self Taught Everything.

Im 26 Years Old With Sickle Cell And A World Of Other Problems But Thats Never Stopped Me From Living My Life .


I Have A Son , His Name Is Galaxy , Yes Galaxy . Why Galaxy ? Because He Meant More Than The World To Me And Will Always Be My Biggest Motivation To Keep Me Pushing Forward And Past Any Obstacles Thrown At My Way  .

I Always Seen Things Different.Meaning My Way , My Own Understanding As Well As What Other Ppl See . Being Able To See All Perspectives On Something Leaves You Quite Open Minded And Understanding.

I Put This Little Skill Into Everything I Do .

I Was Always Told I Couldn't Do This And That So I Been Spending My Life Being The Very Rebel You Know Today And Doing Everything They Said I Can't Or Couldn't Do.

Breaking Rules Is Kinda My Thing. Judge Me All You Like ,I Encourage You To .


Just Let Me . .Be. . . . Me.



                So You Wanna Shoot ?

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